Korean skincare trends 2017

1. Make-up and skin care in one.

We will see a development of skin care that is more included in makeup such as bb-cushion where we already see more customized products for different skin types and skin tones and innovations in the technology behind bb-cushions such as mochi-based cushions

2. The scalp.

In 2017, a lot of focus is on the hair and the so-called 10-step scalp routine. Just like the 10-step skin care routine, there is also a similar routine for the hair, which is said to prevent the growth of gray hair and hair loss!

3. Efficiency.

We will see existing products become easier to use and more efficient. For example, sheet masks are produced with clay (previously they were only made of microfibers). Just pull it off like a regular sheet mask and avoid all the mess that a regular clay mask entails!

4. Natural ingredients.

We will see Korean skin care products filled even more with natural ingredients. For example, truffles for anti-aging, birch juice (instead of water) or why not bamboo that moisturizes.

6. Global companies copy.

Many global companies are now starting to copy the Korean products. Make sure you buy products from a certified seller and that the product has English text and that it is made in Korea.

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