Rose Quartz Facial Roller

499 kr
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This is a facial tool, made of 100% rose quartz and used for massage of the face and neck / décolleté. Facial massage has several positive effects:

- Stimulates blood circulation, which results in increased glow.

- Boost the effect of your skin care

- Reduces swelling of the face

- Soothes, cools and gives increased firmness to the skin

Why choose this particular facial roller?

- The stone used is polished with the unique Jang Geum crystal - polishing process that gives the stone an optimal surface that does not irritate the skin.

- The handle is shaped for a perfect grip that does not slip out of the hand. Instead of having a straight handle, our role has a rounded handle

- A special container is placed between the stone and the handle so that it slides smoothly without squeaking or shaking during use and so that impurities can not get in there.

- The metal part of the roller is made of zinc alloy so that it can be recycled to 100%

Store it in the refrigerator for extra cooling effect that helps relieve irritated skin and reduces swelling. In addition, it stimulates the muscles of the face, which leads to improved skin structure and a smoother skin tone.

Perfect to use on top of a sheet mask both for a comfortable feeling and to help the essence of the mask to penetrate into the skin.

Gently roll over your face in different directions.

Eyes: Use the smaller roller under the eyes and roll gently and gently from the corner of the eye and work your way out towards the ears.

Forehead: Roll gently in different directions, both up and down, and on both sides towards the hairline and ears.

Cheeks and jaw: Both the smaller and larger rollers can be used here. Start from the chin and work your way up, towards the cheeks and ears. Continue with the same movements and work your way out from the jaw line and upwards towards the ears.

Thoroughly clean the tool after use with a wet towel or cotton swab and wipe dry. Recommended to be stored in the included bag to avoid scratches / damage when not in use.

Rose Quartz (Brazil) and Zinc plating.

(68% eco friendly material and 85% recycled material)

The included dustbag is FSC certified.

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