Klairs Fundamental Eye Duo

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This duo consisting of Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel and Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter is perfect for you who want a 2-step routine for the eyes or want to use the products separately for morning and evening.

- Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel contains caffeine and red bean extract which gives life to the area around the eyes and leaves a refreshing feeling. Red bean extract counteracts dark circles and skin tones under the eyes while helping to remove any swelling that may occur. The eye cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and provides a cooling and moisturizing effect.

- Klairs Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter contains sunflower seed oil which is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E which protects the thin skin around the eyes. It also contains peptides that counteract fine lines. The cream has a thicker consistency without feeling too oily. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and suits all skin types, even those with milia.

After cleanser, toner and essence, apply a small amount of Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Eye Gel around the eye area by gently dabbing with your fingers until the eye gel has been absorbed. Follow up with serum and then apply a fair amount of Klairs Fundamental Eye Nourishing Butter. Finish with moisturizer.

See ingredient list for each specific product on the product page.

- Can you use these together in the same routine?
Yes, these are good to use together as they assist the skin with different properties. Apply Eye Awekening Gel in the same step as your essence, and apply Nourishing Eye Butter before applying your moisturizer.

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