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Safe Me Relief Cleansing Kit

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. Safe Me Relief Moisture Cleansing Oil is a light but highly effective oil cleanser that deeply cleanses the skin. It has been shown in clinical tests to clean and remove as much as 32% of blackheads after a single use.
A gentle but powerful formulation of plant extract oils that work together to remove dirt and other impurities, such as any makeup and other products. Contains the ingredient Boswellia Carterii Sap which is known for its relaxing and soothing effect.
Formulated with only 14 ingredients, making it gentle and suitable even for sensitive skin.

Completely free of mineral oils and synthetic fragrances, however, a slight scent from the product's natural ingredients may be present.


. Safe Me Relief Moisture Milk is a soft cleansing milk that gently removes makeup and other impurities. The formula contains soy protein and plant extracts that moisturize and soothe the skin. It has a low pH of 5.5 which makes it good even for sensitive skin. Contains soy protein which helps to create aa thin film of protein that is left on the skin, allowing the skin to remain moisturized even after cleansing.without feeling sticky.

Contains a patented formula "DERMA-CLERA™" that assists the skin with soothing effects.. Dhis cleansing milk leaves even sensitive skin calm and balanced. A coconut-based sulfate and plant oil gently removes impurities, dead skin cells and makeup residues from the pores, without drying out the skin.

Main ingredients and how they work:

. Soy protein assists with its moisturizing properties.

. Thistle seed oil is anantioxidant-rich oil that provides radiance and increased elasticity and, in combination with olive oil, makes the product less greasy and oily.

. Olive oil protects and balances the skin's sebum production.

. Meadofoam Seed Oil is a stable fatty acid that softens the skin.

. Cynanchum atratum extract has patented calming, anti-inflammatory and smoothing effects. Also has positive effects on acne.

Formulated with EWG green-rated ingredients, completely free of parabens, silicon and synthetic ingredients.


. Safe Me Relief Moisture Cleansing Oil - Apply to dry skin all over the face in circular motions to remove makeup, then add water to cleanse the skin.

. Safe Me Relief Moisture Milk - Dispense an appropriate amount into clean hands and massage into dry skin thoroughly to melt away and remove makeup. Rinse off with lukewarm water. For best results, we recommend following up with a water-based cleanser..

See ingredient list for each specific product on the product page.

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