Your Korean 10-step routine for the Hair!

Similar to the Korean skin care routine which involves 10 steps, Korean hair care also often involves several steps. Since Korean hair care is not limited to just shampoo and conditioner but to all hair problems from the roots to the lengths, an entire hair care routine can therefore also include 10 steps.

A 10-step routine for the hair focuses a lot on maintaining the health of the scalp by also treating the scalp, which in turn affects how the hair that grows out becomes. Having a healthy scalp simply leads to a healthy hair growth which in turn leads to an improved hair health. Therefore, one often finds in Korean hair care many products that are just adapted for the scalp and see hair care as an extension of the facial routine.

The Korean hair care routine wants to give the whole hair, ie the scalp as well as the lengths themselves, as much love, and below we list what such a routine can look like with products from us.

1. Shampooing

In this step, a milder shampoo that strengthens and moisturizes the hair, which is adapted to your hair type and gently cleanses without disturbing the pH value, is often preferred.

An example of this is La'dor Keratin LPP schampoo which is a sulphate-free keratin shampoo. Shampoo contains many natural ingredients, such as jojoba, avocado, argan and camellia seed oil. We also find proteins from wheat, corn and soy that help to gently cleanse and take care of the hair at the same time. Shampoo is especially suitable for damaged and dry hair.

2. Exfoliation

Step 2 is exfoliation and an example of it from La'dor's range is Scalp Scaler
which is a scalp treatment that is a big part of Korean hair care. Why then is a scalp treatment needed? Well, if our scalp is not healthy, so will the rest of the hair. To really have healthy, strong and shiny hair, you have to start with the scalp. This Scalp Scaler helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, oil and contaminants in the scalp. This type of product does not foam and is applied directly to the scalp and then rinsed off and used if necessary about once a week. By using an exfoliation, you help to remove toxins and pollutants from the scalp, which in turn helps the hair follicles to grow strong and healthy. By using Scalp Scaling Spa, the blood circulation in the scalp is also stimulated and it cools nicely with menthol which gives a cooling effect in the scalp.

3. Hair massage

Step 3 is to massage the scalp which is something we can often forget. Massaging with a tool or the hands increases blood circulation and in turn stimulates hair growth. This can advantageously be done in both the shampooing and conditioner step. It is super easy to massage even in dry hair for 2-3 minutes to start the circulation. It can be extra good if you have had your hair up during the day and you feel a little sore on the scalp to stimulate circulation.

4. Conditioner

Step 4 is to apply a moisturizing conditioner and massage into your lengths. Using a conditioner helps to enclose hair strands after your shampooing and moisturizes and protects hair strands. Conditioner also makes the hair softer and easier to sort out and reduces frizz. It also helps prevent hair strands from splitting.

An example of step 4 could be Moisture Balancing Conditioner from La'dor which is a moisturizing conditioner that intensively nourishes the hair. The balm contains many ingredients from the plant kingdom such as lavender, bergamot, freesia, peppermint, chamomile and rose. The wonderful combination of botanical ingredients has a soothing and moisturizing effect on the hair and makes it easy to straighten the hair.

5. Vinegar rinsing

Vinegar is a traditional trick that the Koreans include in their hair care routine. Vinegar is an effective ingredient that helps to balance the scalp's pH value and thus create a healthy environment in the scalp. About once a week, a vinegar rinse is used over both the scalp and the hair. It is applied immediately after rinsing the conditioner and then washed out with lukewarm water until everything is gone.

ACV Vinegar Hair Cap is an vinegar sheet mask that effectively cleanses the scalp from impurities without exaggerating and disturbing the natural pH balance. It helps eliminate discomfort and itching and maintains an optimal hydro lipid balance which strengthens the hair's protective functions.

The mask also gives nice shine and volume to the hair and has a protective and repairing effect.

6. Hair & scalp mask

Using a hair mask is a good complement just as a face mask is for the face. The hair also sometimes needs extra nourishment and a moisturizing hair mask also helps to counteract dry and fresh hair and helps with nourishment.

A hair mask from La'dor will also be launched soon, keep an eye out!

7. Scalp and hair toner

A toner for the bottom and the lengths is seen as a kind of cure that helps to moisturize the lengths, eliminate dandruff and prepare for future steps. Just like a face toner r or essence, this step is also for the hair. Moisturizing the hair in several different steps, just like the facial toner, improves the next steps and the hair's ability to absorb the products. Miracle Volume Essence
is a leave in essence that moisturizes the hair, reduces the risk of it becoming static during colder seasons and contributes to a soft and shiny hard.

The essence contains many natural ingredients such as chamomile, lavender and rosemary that help soothe an irritated scalp. Miracle volume essence has, as the name suggests, properties of creating nice volume for the hair. It is applied to towel-dried hair before the next step.

8. Scalp serum

The biggest difference between a moisturizing hair serum and a scalp serum is that the serum at the bottom should help balance and stimulate the hair follicles. It also helps to create a healthy environment for hair to be able to grow in. This type of serum also helps to counteract damage and to prevent healthy hair.

Scalp serum from La'dor is coming soon but until then you can find this step at Dr. Ceuracle and their Scalp DX Thickening Tonic.

9. Hair serum
Just as serum for the face is more concentrated of ingredients in its formula, a moisturizing serum also contributes to deep moisturizing of the hairs.

Miracle soothing serum is a moisturizing and emollient serum that contributes to shiny and healthy hair. The serum has a jelly-like texture that envelops the hair shaft and gives the hair a protective moisture barrier without a sticky consistency and without weighing down the hair. The serum is applied to towel-dried hair and is the penultimate step in the Korean 10-step hair routine.

10. Leave in night treatment
Korean hair care is happy to use products that you also use during the night as a kind of cure for your hair to best repair and nourish and counteract damage to the hair.

Snail Sleeping Hair Ampoule is a moisturizing and repairing leave in treatment that is advantageously applied in towel-dried hair. The ampoule can be used very well during the day in dry hair to tame fresh and dull hair. The ampoule contains snail secretions as well as many botanical ingredients that help to strengthen and repair the hair. We also find the ingredient Squalane which is a so-called emollient which is a emollient ingredient. The ingredient has a fast and high penetration ability and helps to preserve the moisture content well. It can also help to act as a transporter of other substances so that they have a more profound effect.

It was short about the Korean 10 step routine for the hair but just like the 10 step routine for the face, no step is a must but you choose what suits your hair and your everyday life. Sometimes you may have more steps, and sometimes fewer, all depending on what your hair and scalp need right now and depending on the season! If you feel insecure, we are always at, DM on instagram and our chat and we will help you further there! <3

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