How does it work?

To be able to collect points on your purchases, you only need to create an account. Once you have done that, you are welcome to participate in all the activities that we have arranged so that you can start collecting points that you can later redeem to get a bonus on your purchases.

How do I collect points?

Every krona you buy for gives you one point. You also collect points by completing the various activities listed under the tab "Start collecting points". Immediately when you create an account, you get 200 points as a start for you who want to be involved and collect GLOW POINTS.

How do I use my points?

It's easy to use your points! Just click on the "Bonus" tab and you will see which offers you can take advantage of when you have reached a certain number of points. This is also where your discount codes will appear and you choose when you want to use them. The bonus remains for 12 months, so do not wait too long!