K-Beauty Monthly Updates

As you may know, the K-Beauty world is typically represented by innovative techniques and skincare routines, such as double cleansing, 7-skin method, glass skin routine and the 10-step skincare routine. These trends have taken the world by storm and have become game-changers for many. While some trends and techniques go way back, new innovative trends and products are emerging every day! With that said, we want to be your helping hand and guide you through the world of k-beauty with monthly updates from our biggest source of inspiration - Korea!
Whether you're a K-Beauty newbie and want to learn more, or you're a committed k-beauty lover - we hope you can find an exciting product or routine that appeals to you! If you are unsure about how to adapt these trends to your skin type and condition, we are always available for recommendations at info@glowid.se. 💌
xx Team GLOWiD

GLOWiD trendrapport juni!

Sommaren är här och vad passar inte bättre än att läsa vår senaste trenrapport om cooling skincare? 🧊

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GLOWiD Trendrapport maj!

Läs om den populära ingrediensen "glutamin" och trenden "skin streaming" i vår senaste trendrapport!

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GLOWiD trendrapport april!

GLOWiD besöker Seoul och efter mycket trendspaning är det är dags för oss att dela med oss av alla hemlisar! Mys ner dig i soffan och passa på att läsa vår senaste trendrapport.

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GLOWiD trend report for March!

What are the secrets behind 'sleek liquid hair'? Why have peptides become the most sought-after ingredient in 2024? Is '3 layer essence' the new replacement for the popular '7 skin method' routine? Find out all the secrets in our latest report! 🔎

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GLOWiD Trend Report February

Our latest trend report for February is finally here! Dive into everything you need to know about "cica care", cleansing balms, toner pads and "a mask, a day".

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