K-Beauty monthly updates: June Edition - Cooling skincare!

Hi Glow Pro's! Hope you are enjoying summer wherever you are!

It's finally time for another K-beauty update, and this time we've delved into the Korean trend Cooling Skincare. In the midst of the summer heat, we could all use a little extra help to keep our skin cool and fresh. GLOWiD, with the help of solid research from Korea, has dug out the best Korean tips to give your skin the cooling care it deserves.

Summer is wonderful with its sunny days and warm evenings, but the heat can be hard on your skin. Sweat, humidity and heat can leave your skin feeling sticky and irritated. Fortunately, Korea has developed a range of innovative cooling skincare products, tips and tools to help you combat the challenges of summer.

So, how can we enjoy our summer activities without suffering from heat stroke? That's where K-beauty comes in with its amazing cooling skincare products. Have you ever experienced a Korean summer? We can say that the humidity there is high! So cooling skincare is a necessity for anyone living there. Let's dive into some of the most popular tips and how they can help us stay refreshed this summer!

Turn the fridge into your skincare mini-bar!

Did you know that one of the easiest and most effective ways to cool and revitalize your skin is to store your skincare products in the fridge? It may sound simple, but the benefits are numerous and the results are amazing.

Cooling sheet masks

Cooling sheet masks are like a breath of fresh air for your skin. They offer an instantly refreshing sensation that soothes and revitalizes tired and overheated skin. The cool temperature helps constrict blood vessels, reducing redness and inflammation from the sun's rays. It's like a mini spa treatment at home, soothing both your skin and your senses. Our favorites contain ingredients like aloe vera, green tea and cucumber, all of which have naturally cooling and soothing properties. Perfect for a quick recovery after a long day in the sun.

Some summer must have sheet masks:
Sheet masks are great to keep in the fridge and can quickly soothe irritated and hot skin after a day in the sun:

Use after cleansing for 10-20 minutes and pat the remaining essence into the skin before continuing with your routine.

Gel-based moisturizers

When it comes to moisturizers during summer, gel-based options are a must. These lightweight, water-based creams absorb quickly into the skin, leaving it moisturized without feeling heavy or sticky. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and birch sap help to retain moisture and cool the skin. Keep your moisturizer in the fridge for an extra cooling boost upon application. One example is Cica Regen 95 Soothing Gel from Dr. Ceuracle, which is perfect for calming and balancing the skin while providing intense hydration and reducing redness.

Cooling Mists

Another favorite for overheated skin is face mist! These can be used at any time during the day to provide instant coolness and hydration. Spray over your face when you feel overheated for a quick, refreshing sensation. Many of these mists also contain soothing ingredients that make them perfect for sensitive skin. A recurring favorite is: Hyggee All in One Mist - a perfect cooling mist to keep in your bag or on your desk, suitable for all skin types. It contains essences from, among other things, hyaluronic acid and birch sap that work to moisturize and balance sebum production. At the same time, it also gives a nice glow and soothes the skin. When you spray, the mist comes so finely distributed and light over the face that it works great even over makeup. Also works great to use as a toner morning and evening after cleansing.

Cooling Massage Tools: Cryo Tools and Ice Globes

We at GLOWiD love to explore new skincare tools that can take your skincare routine to the next level. If you love Korean innovations as much as we do, you'll love cryo tools and our new GLOWiD Glow & Plump Ice globe.

TheCryo Cooling Tool from Dr. Ceuracle is a cooling tool suitable for all skin types in need of quick relief. Store it in the fridge or freezer for at least 3 hours before use. It can be used independently but works best in combination with a cooling gel or sheet mask to reduce friction on the skin. If your skin is sensitive to direct cold, use the tool for a shorter time and store it only in the refrigerator. Gently apply the tool to the face and massage with small circular movements.

TheGlow & Plump Cryo Ice Ball is a fantastic tool that not only cools and chills the skin, but also helps to reduce swelling, increase blood circulation and sculpt the face using frozen water. It also soothes irritated skin and reduces redness. The optimum skin temperature should be around 31 degrees. As this temperature increases, sebum production also increases and pores widen at around 36.5 degrees. At higher temperatures, the risk of fine lines and skin ageing increases. This tool helps to counteract this and has a long-lasting cooling effect on the skin.

Advantages of Glow & Plump Cryo Ice Ball:

  • Helps blood circulation
  • Soothes irritated skin and reduces redness
  • Reduces swelling and sculpts the face
  • Suitable for all skin types

Integrate Ice Globes into your skincare routine

Ice globes are truly a game-changer in skincare. Here are some examples of when you can use it:

  1. Morning refresh: Reduce morning puffiness and revitalize your skin before applying makeup or your daily skincare routine.
  2. Post-workout: After exercise, ice globes can provide relief and reduce redness that can occur after intense exercise.
  3. Make up prep: Use ice globes as a step before makeup to create a smoother base and improve the durability of your foundation.
  4. Relaxing evening ritual: End your day with a relaxing ice globes massage to reduce stress and promote skin recovery overnight.

Ice globes work by stimulating blood circulation, reducing inflammation and increasing skin elasticity through the cooling effect. This combination of cold and massage also promotes lymphatic drainage, helping to remove toxins and excess fluid from the skin.

Hope you'll love all our cooling tips! Remember to stay cool this summer! 🧊



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