By Wishtrend

Clear Skin Shield Patch

229 kr
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By Wishtrend Clear Shield Patch is an acne patch that helps to reduce blemishes or pimples faster. It consists of hydrocolloid, which helps to protect the affected area from external contamination such as fingers, dust in the air or other physical contact. The hydrocolloid technology also helps to absorb the fluid that comes out of wounds, blisters or pimples and encapsulates it to speed up the healing process. Because the patch is very thin and breathable, it naturally covers the blister and quickly absorbs impurities from the area to avoid the pimple from spreading or expanding. 

Contains 36 patches in two different sizes, 12 mm and 14mm. 

Hydrocolloid sheet 9 100%

- How many patches are included in the package? 
In one package, there are 36 patches divided in two different sizes - 12 and 14 mm. 

- How long can i leave the patch on? 
You can let them sit overnight or 12 hours before you should change or remove it. 

- Do these patches remove pimples? 
These do not remove the pimples completely, but help to protect against dirt and bacteria and absorb liquid after squeezing a pimple or if it naturally cracked. In addition it helps to heal the pimples faster. 

- Can you apply makeup under or over the patch? 
We recommend applying the patch on cleansed and dry skin. However, makeup can bli applied on top of the patch!

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