GLOWiD Glow & Plump Ice Globe

229 kr
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The Glow & Plump Cryo Ice Ball is a tool that not only cools and cools the skin, but also helps reduce swelling, increase blood circulation in the skin and sculpts the face using frozen water. Also has a calming effect on irritated skin and reduces redness. 

The optimal skin temperature should be approx. 31 degrees, when this temperature increases, sebum production in the skin also increases and the pores have a tendency to widen at approx. 36.5 degrees. At higher temperatures, the risk of fine lines and aging of the skin also increases. This tool works against this and has a long-lasting cooling effect on the skin. 

- Helps blood circulation 

- Soothes irritated skin and reduces redness 

- Reduces swelling and sculpts 

- Suitable for all skin types

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